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From Me to You – A Bride & Groom’s Take on Boudoir | Idaho’s Premier Boudoir Photographer

I had the opportunity to shoot Nick & Michelle’s wedding last fall and as a gift to Michelle’s groom-to-be, she booked a secret boudoir session (in the mountains!!!) with me.

Instead of me telling you how awesome of a gift a sexy album full of sexy images of yourself is for your soon to be husband, I’ll let Nick, Michelle, and the pictures speak for itself!

Here’s what Michelle had to say about her boudoir experience:

From beginning to end I had such a great boudoir experience! When Jayme and
I decided to do the photo shoot in the Warm Lake, Idaho area I was so
excited because I knew it would be unique and it would be beautiful. I had a
couple of girlfriends with me that day to assist in hair and makeup and
along with Jayme they created a really fun atmosphere… although I think my
girls saw a little more of me that day than they bargained for! I wasn’t
nervous at all but if I was I know that Jayme would have put me at ease with
her playful manner and gentle demeanor.

Giving credit to Jayme’s talent, the book turned out to be a sexy memoir of
me at that moment in time. It showed my flirtatious nature, my sexy wild
side, my inner pinup girl and the laid back beauty that I feel I am. It
boosted my confidence, *obviously*.

The day of the wedding I watched my husband open the book (although he
didn’t see me!) and his reaction was AMAZING! It was easily the best gift
decision I have ever made for him.

Thank you Jayme!

Nick was presented with his album on the day of the wedding and here is what he said about the experience and the images to show you how he felt about the experience:

Hi. My name is Nick, and I like seeing my wife Michelle without any clothes

Why am I announcing this? Well, first, because it’s true. And second,
because thanks to Michelle’s inherent sexiness and Jayme’s tremendous
talent, I am now the (very) happy owner of a small booklet that contains
several stunning photographs of my beautiful girl in various states of
undress. She hired Jayme to shoot a series of boudoir pictures and
gave them to me as a wedding present.

You could say I was excited when I received my present. But it would be
more accurate to say that I was raving, babbling, jumping-up-and-down thrilled.

I already knew Michelle was hot, but damn, I was not ready for just how
delicious she looked through Jayme’s lens. I know I was grinning like a
fool as I turned the pages. I may have even shouted some inappropriate
things within earshot of my mother-in-law.

So brides-to-be, if you’ve been trying to come up with gift ideas for your
groom, I promise you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s daring, it’s
unique, and it’s an intimate remembrance your husband will cherish forever.

I think I may have found a new tag line in his last sentence!:)

I mean seriously! What. A. Reaction! And because I never blogged Michelle’s boudoir session, here’s a couple images from it!

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