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 The Designer in Me

I firmly believe I was born an artist. If you ask my family, they would hands down agree. Sketching, painting, inking, crafting, it’s always been a part of my life. Not wanting to die to make it big as a painter, I decided to attend Boise State University for graphic design instead. I’ve been hooked ever since (and one of the reasons I became interested in photography). I’ve been designing professionally since 2006 and in my business since 2008. I specialize in brand identities for small businesses and you’ll see A LOT of photography brands going on in my portfolio. I love branding for the already creative but it’s definitely not a must! My style is clean and classic. I want to give you an identity that will sustain the life of your business.

The Photographer in Me

My love for photographing women all started with one photo shoot back in 2008, the first year I opened up my photography and design business, Lucid Design & Photography. The moment I began photographing this woman, to the joy and confidence she expressed after seeing her images, I was hooked. I began perfecting my style and craft of the women’s body and with every woman I photographed, I realized I truly loved it.

There is no better feeling than giving a woman a boost of self confidence through their experience with myself. Even when they come to do a boudoir or glamour shoot as a gift for a significant other, the true gift lies with what they get from it. Which in my opinion is magical when a woman exclaims, “I’ve never felt beautiful until now”. Which lead me to make a change in early 2012 and specialize in helping to spread self confidence, changing my business to Jayme Montoya Luxury Boudoir.

My boudoir studio is located in the Boise, Idaho metro area. Please contact me if you are interested in booking a shoot of your very own! Remember. You ARE beautiful!

Wanna see me in action on a glamour shoot?